Health Literacy Showcase

About the Health Literacy Online 2018 Showcase

It’s October, which means it’s health literacy month. To celebrate we decided to showcase some of the health literacy projects of our member organisations with the intention of sharing good practice and inspiring change.


What is a Health Literate Organisation?

A Health Literate Organisation is:

“An organisation that makes it easy for people to find, understand, and use information and services.”

It’s about recognising that healthcare and social service systems and information can be complicated and that we as organisations bear the responsibility of making things easier for the communities we serve.

Health Literate Organisations improve the health and social wellbeing of their communities. But that’s not the only benefit, they also:

  • Improve quality and safety,
  • Reduce complaints,
  • Save time,
  • Improve user experience,
  • Increase repeat consumers.


The Projects

The projects below are examples of how our member organisations are Health Literate Organisations.

Click on the images below to read about how these projects were developed and the benefits they’re producing.




If you’d like to learn more about health literacy check out the Vic PCP Online Health Literacy Course.

If you’re already working towards making your organisation a Health Literate Organisation consider joining the Health Literacy Alliance.