Meet Our Community Advisory Group

HealthWest’s Community Advisory Group (better known as the CAG) was established in 2016 and meets quarterly to advise HealthWest in all things community engagement.

Currently the CAG was made up of members who live in Melbourne’s west, covering a range of backgrounds and experiences.

Julianne Nguyen

I am a second generation Vietnamese-Australian Brimbank citizen. I finished a degree in Architecture recently. Up till this day, I have been exploring the avenues of community work and participation as a ‘young person’ and advocator for climate change action, mental health and wellbeing and youth participation.

Why I joined the Community Advisory Group: I joined the Community Advisory Group because I want to speak on behalf of the people in my community. I want to engage with other people in health issues in a big picture/holistic/systemic thinking way. I hope I can share my Vietnamese culture and perspectives of interfaith to the discussion.


Alice P

Profile coming


Jeanette Robertson

I have lived in Yarraville and worked in the western suburbs for approximately 29 years. I am retired, after working primarily in the health services field for over 30 years as an advocate and advisor.

Why I joined the Community Advisory Group: I was keen to positively participate in the enhancement of understandings through the Community Advisory Group. As a member of the LGBTIQ community I appreciate the sensitivities of servicing the diverse client groups in our local community. I believe I can offer commitment, extensive knowledge, a passion for community wellbeing, and a proactive positive communication approach to health servicing in the West through representations, from and to, our local practitioners and community members.


Mehak Sheikh

My name is Mehak Sheikh. I am from Wyndham and have also lived in Brimbank. I’m a first generation migrant, arriving to Australia in 2012 with my parents and a younger brother.

Why I joined the Community Advisory Group: I put my hand up for the HealthWest CAG for a number of reasons, including reflecting a migrant youth voice and channelling my interests in health. While completing my honours in Psychology, I was compelled to pursue more preventative mental health care approaches, which HealthWest embodies. I have a passion for enhancing communities’ health and wellbeing from a holistic perspective, addressing the social determinants of health and constantly striving for a healthier society.

Gregory Warren

I have lived in the western suburbs for over 30 years and in Braybrook for about 25 of those. I am semi-retired but keep myself busy by volunteering at various organisations including Australian Multicultural Community Services and cohealth.

Why I joined the Community Advisory Group: I joined for many reasons. To be a representative for my community, many of which are at the very lowest income bracket, older people and people with multiple health & social issues and to the best of my ability ensure that the needs of all our western suburbs communities are considered. I also joined to gain knowledge of the various services on offer in the west to better refer people to organisations that suit their needs.