Preventing Violence: Working Together with Men

Working Together with Men resource – now available!

This resource can be used as a step-by-step guide for creating your own Working Together with Men project, or to inspire and support projects you may already be running or creating.

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The story of Working Together with Men

In 2015 men from diverse ethnic backgrounds, participated in a movement that aimed to gather men interested in preventing violence against women. The men engaged in awareness raising and gender education sessions, project management training and ideas generation events.

Seven men were selected from the original group to form the Men of Brimbank. A collection of grassroots men, working together to lead place-based prevention actions.

The ideas behind these actions were identified by the local community as key areas that aimed to address drivers of violence against women in their community.

WTWM was and is designed to be an inspirational model for men all around Australia to replicate and implement in their own communities to create change.

Together with Victoria University, HealthWest Partnership has continued the WTWM journey to replicate the model to engage young men aged 18-30 years in preventing violence against women. This movement is known as Project Momentum.

Watch the Men of Brimbank’s story

Evaluation Report for Men of Brimbank

The evaluation report was conducted by Dr Michael Flood from the Queensland University of Technology after the pilot project was completed in November 2017. Access the full report here.


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