Working Together with Men Resource

Working Together with Men: How to create male allies for gender equity in your community

A resource is for people interested in creating projects that work with men to prevent violence against women in their communities.

This is a grassroots, community mobilisation approach that has been piloted across the west of Melbourne since 2016. We used what we learnt from these pilots to create a project model that can be reproduced anywhere.

This resource can be used as a step-by-step guide for creating your own Working Together with Men project, or to inspire and support projects you may already be running or creating.

Download the Working Together with Men resource

More info: Working Together with MenProject Momentum

The Working Together with Men approach was first trialled by HealthWest Partnership with community partners in the City of Brimbank in Melbourne’s west during 2016 and 2017.

This gathered men at the grassroots and supported them to co-develop and implement small primary prevention strategies (projects) with other men. This first group of men and their attempts became known as The Men of Brimbank.

In 2018 HealthWest Partnership and Victoria University partnered together and were successful in receiving a grant under the Victorian Government’s Free from Violence Fund. This resulted in Project Momentum.

This grant funded a second Working Together with Men project, based on Victoria University campuses located across the west of Melbourne. The aim was to engage identifying men (university students and staff) aged 18 to 30, and attempt not only to scale up the approach, but to create a model and a movement that could be replicated in any setting.

These two iterations of the Working Together with Men project model have informed the development of this resource.