Our Management Group

The HealthWest Partnership Management Group comprises six representatives from our member organisations. The Management Group provides governance for HealthWest’s work and helps to align the interests of health care providers and agencies, health-related community groups and local government in Melbourne’s west.

Management Group Members

As of 1 July 2021

  • Chair: Glenn Pringle, IPC Health
  • Deputy chair: Elyse Rider, Melton City Council
  • Jillian Head, Western Health
  • Sinisha Krstov, Australian Multicultural Community Services
  • Judith Abbott, Carers Victoria

Thank you to departing Management Group members, Caz Healy (cohealth), Clem Gillings (Maribyrnong City Council), Barbara Horn (NWMPHN), and Tanya Darrer (Mercy Health) for their outstanding leadership and guidance over the last few years.

Functions of the Management Group

The HealthWest Partnership Management Group oversees the strategy and operations of HealthWest Partnership. It seeks to:-

  • Support, engage, canvass and represent member agencies to strengthen the provision of primary health, community and other related services in the West
  • Disseminate information to member agencies across the catchment in an efficient and timely manner
  • Ensure two-way consultation and communication between member agencies, the Leadership Group (comprising of a senior representative from each member organisation) and the Management Group.

The Management Group oversees the following functions of HealthWest Partnership:-

  • Maintain and enhance the existing Primary Care Partnership (PCP) funding from the Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) and any other funding received by HealthWest
  • Develop an inclusive and strong membership base to maximise the involvement of agencies in the western region of Melbourne
  • Develop a framework for managing risk across all dimensions including operational, financial and reputational
  • Develop a strategic planning and advocacy structure for the West, to strengthen the PCP processes and to provide links to other planning processes operating in the catchment, including local government Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plans and other regional plans
  • Recruit, supervise and undertake performance appraisal of the Executive Officer
  • Selection and review of the HealthWest Contact Agency
  • Report back to the Partnership on the implementation of the Strategic Plan.