Future Opportunities

Searching for a System that Provides Better Health Communications

Background: COVID-19 has demonstrated that clear and culturally appropriate health communication remains a public health challenge, particularly in Melbourne’s west. Developing and delivering clear, concise, timely and consistent health messaging to all communities can help to mitigate greater health inequities. HealthWest’s experience leading health literacy work in Melbourne’s west places it in a good position to address this issue at a systems level.

Current work: To identify the elements of a coordinated regional approach to health communications for culturally and linguistically diverse communities, which could be applied to Melbourne’s west.

Future plans: Identify opportunities for better coordination across the region, which prioritises health literacy practice and systematic engagement of community.

Supporting government outcomes:

  • The Victorian Public Health & Wellbeing Plan 2019-2023
  • Social & economic COVID recovery plans (state and local governments)

More: Better Health Communication project page


Economic inclusion for health: addressing the recruitment barriers

Background: HealthWest has been working on economic inclusion for health since 2017. The work has included the development of the Standards for Workforce Mutuality and Community Conversations: Talking about finding work in Australia (in partnership with Centre for Multicultural Youth and Multicultural Women’s Health).

Current work: To identify what hinders and supports human resource in our sector to adopt recruitment practices which are fair accessible, and equitable for people from migrant and refugee backgrounds.

Future plans: Work collaboratively with community members, HealthWest members and our partners to design and test improved recruitment practices.

Supporting government outcomes:

  • Western Melbourne Metropolitan Partnership
  • VCOSS’s 10 Year Community Service Industry Plan.
  • Social & economic COVID recovery plans (state and local governments)

More: Economic Inclusion for Health project page