Economic Inclusion for Health

Project Summary

  • HealthWest has been working on economic inclusion for health since 2017. The work has included the development of the Standards for Workforce Mutuality, Community Conversations, and our most recent project Recruiting for Diversity (currently at data analysis stage).
  • We are now at the stage of being able to support some member organisations the opportunity to improve diversity, inclusion and mutuality in their workforce through the Workforce Mutuality Accelerator project.



Over the past five years HealthWest has observed increasing interest in workforce diversity from our membership.

In 2018, HealthWest sought to create system level change through the development of the Standards for Workforce Mutuality. The Standards provide guidance for organisations to address the diversity gap identified in the health and community services’ workforce in Melbourne’s west.

In 2019, HealthWest explored member and partner organisations interest in addressing economic inclusion, in the context of race-based discrimination and social inclusion. At a successful forum in October 2019, forum participants expressed ongoing interest in addressing racism in the heath and community sector, progressing workforce mutuality, and collaborating to improve employment pathways.

In 2020 and 2021 we partnered with the Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health (MCWH) and the Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY) to release the Community Conversations report. The project sought to gather further information on the nature of economic exclusion among refugee and migrant communities in Melbourne’s west, and to source community-informed ideas for reducing barriers to participation.

In the second half of 2021, HealthWest have been conducting research interviews with a variety of health organisations across Melbourne’s west. This research seeks to explore what hinders and supports human resource departments in our sector to adopt recruitment practices which are fair, accessible, and equitable for people from migrant and refugee backgrounds.


Workforce Mutuality Accelerator project

Expressions of interest are now open

HealthWest Partnership is offering HealthWest member organisations the opportunity to participate in a range of funded activities designed to support organisations wanting to improve diversity, inclusion and mutuality in their workforce.


Why are we offering this?

HealthWest Partnership has been working together with partner organisations to improve workforce diversity, inclusion and mutuality since 2016. HealthWest members understand the importance of having a diverse workforce which reflects the community it seeks to reach.

  • Evidence demonstrates diverse and inclusive workplaces are more effective, innovative, efficient and have greater employee satisfaction.
  • Organisations with greater workforce mutuality are more accessible and better able to respond to the diverse needs of the communities they seek to reach.
  • By improving workforce diversity across the HealthWest catchment we can collectively improve employment and social outcomes in the region.

As a partnership we remain committed to improving diversity, inclusion and mutuality across the sector to improve health, employment and social outcomes. The Workforce Mutuality Accelerator project is designed to support organisations who share this commitment.


What are the options?

Members can choose one or more of the following options. Each option is fully funded by HealthWest Partnership and is valued up to $20,000:

  • Option 1: Collect baseline data about the diversity of your workforce and your workforce mutuality using the Diversity Atlas
  • Option 2: Participate in leader coaching with MindTribes to build a culture of inclusion
  • Option 3: Work collaboratively with community members to design and test new/alternate recruitment strategies
  • Option 4: Nominate an initiative up to $20,000 in value that would support your organisation in your journey

Find out more workforce mutuality accelerator options


Who is eligible?

HealthWest member organisations are welcome to apply. Please check if your organisation is a member here. Organisations must be able to implement the funded activities by 31 May 2022. While each option in the Workforce Mutuality Accelerator project is fully funded, organisations will need to have staff that can dedicate their time to implementation.


What is the application process?

Expressions of Interest close by 5pm on Monday 1 November 2021. HealthWest staff will then discuss suitability of the option with your nominated contact and may request further information to assist in the selection process. Successful participants will be announced in early December.


Send us your expression of interest [External link to our Nationbuilder site]


More info:

To learn more about the Workforce Mutuality Accelerator project please contact
Tanya Sofra
03 9248 9664
Anna Vu
0428 307 892