Health Literacy Alliance


The Health Literacy Alliance supports health literacy responsiveness in Melbourne’s west and inner north. It connects health literacy practitioners across the region, leading to shared learnings, more consistent health literacy practices and coordinated action across the region.

Who Can Attend?

Membership of the Alliance is open to health literacy practitioners working in the HealthWest and Inner North West PCP catchment areas in Melbourne’s west and inner north. A health literacy practitioner is a person who plays a key role in health literacy organisational change, projects or capacity building. A health literacy practitioner may be a paid employee, a volunteer or a consumer/community representative.

Why Come Along?

The Alliance will support the development of an effective and consistent regional approach to health literacy responsiveness. The group will:

  • Provide a forum for practical peer learning and support for health literacy practitioners.
  • Identify and respond to common issues and challenges faced by health literacy practitioners.


Meetings are held quarterly on Wednesday afternoons on Zoom.

More Information

HealthWest Partnership (HealthWest) and Inner North West Primary Care Partnership (INWPCP) have partnered to support the Health Literacy Alliance.

View the Terms of Reference.