Place-based Initiatives in the West

Place-based Initiatives

Place-based initiatives aim to improve social, cultural, economic and/or physical environment factors, in order to improve health outcomes. They seek to reduce the disparity in health and mental wellbeing between people living in a defined area.

Place-based Initiatives in the West: Highlighting Promising Practice

Place-based Initiatives in the West: Highlighting Promising Practice is a new report designed to allow people to look at common themes and learnings experienced when implementing a place-based project. Themes include the current policy environment, applying a place-based structure, engaging with the community, evaluation, and sustainability.

You can read the report here:

Place-based Initiatives in the West: Highlighting Promising Practice Report.


There have been a number of place-based initiatives delivered in Melbourne’s western suburbs. Each with their own unique model but all looking to strengthen communities and improve health outcomes.


The report offers learnings for the continuous improvement of place-based project development as a method for improving health and social outcomes, so subsequent projects can make the most of opportunities and avoid common pitfalls.


The Place-based Initiatives in the West report looks at the learnings from the following projects: Linking Melton South, Our3021, the Brooklyn and Altona North Community Strengthening project, and Revitalising Braybrook.

Examples of Community-led Action

Check out some of the great community-led projects out of the Our3021 project!



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