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Standards for Workforce Mutuality (1st Edition)

The Standards were developed with the support of an Expert Advisory Panel from across the health, community, employment, higher education and corporate sectors. They address a whole range of aspects of people’s diversity: cultural and linguistic, gender, sexual, ability and more.

Standards for Workforce Mutuality

The HealthWest Partnership Standards for Workforce Mutuality were launched in May 2018. They provide organisations with guidelines to build inclusive employment pathways with the community and be more responsive to the needs of a hugely diverse community.

Download a free copy of the  Standards for Workforce Mutuality (PDF, 293 KB)




The videos below provide a brief overview of the Standards.

Piloting the Standards for Workforce Mutuality

HealthWest piloted the Standards with five of our members organisations: Bolton Clarke, cohealth, commUnity+, IPC Health and Tweddle Child and Family Service. The pilot was overwhelmingly positive.

Download Pathways to Diversity: Evaluation of the Standards for Workforce Mutuality Pilot Final Report or Summary Report

  • The Standards were determined to be fit for purpose, effective and feasible for self-assessment.
  • Pilot organisations highlighted how easy it was to pick up and use the Standards straightaway, as well as the potential for the Standards to make an impact in other sectors such as the government and corporate sectors.
  • Members of the pilot group have already begun building workforce mutuality into their goals, strategic plans and workforce planning.

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