Celebrating Achievements


Aims: To improve the diversity of the health and community services workforce, so that it reflects the diversity of local communities and is more responsive to local needs.

HealthWest’s role: Developed and piloted a set of Standards for Workforce Mutuality with five organisations.

Outcomes: Together, they have a collective workforce of over 1,700 and are making real change by improving board diversity and employing bicultural workers.

More: Workforce Mutuality project page



Aims: To support community partnerships in the design and delivery of health and community services.

HealthWest’s role: Built the capacity of services and community to work together.

Outcomes: Over 100 community participants have collaborated in HealthWest’s partnership projects between 2016 to 2020.

More: Reports available on Community Participation Resources page



Aims: To help organisations make it easy for people to find, understand and use information and services.

HealthWest’s role: Provided peer mentoring, training and co-developed practical resources.

Outcomes: Evaluation has shown that when health literacy practices are adopted, clients feel heard and supported and can understand information and use it appropriately.

More: Health Literacy project page



Aims: To prevent violence against women and support better gender equity by working with men to take action.

HealthWest’s role: Partnered with local organisations to lead the recruitment, training and support of men to co-deliver preventative projects in their communities.

Outcomes: Our innovation has resulted in a working together with men model and strengthened the sector’s understanding about how to work with men.

More: Project Momentum page, Working Together with Men project page


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