Membership Application

We invite organisations who share our values and commitment to supporting an integrated approach to strengthening our local communities’ health and wellbeing in our catchment area to join as a member. To apply for HealthWest Partnership membership online, fill out the Membership Request Form below.

Terms and Conditions

In submitting this form for HealthWest Membership, you must agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. My organisation is a provider of services in the catchment with a written commitment to service improvement.
  2. I have read and agree with the terms set out in the HealthWest Partnering Agreement Roles and Responsibilities.

Membership Application Process

  • Membership applicants will receive a decision from the HealthWest Management Team within two months of receipt of application.
  • Once endorsed by the Management Team, you will receive a partnering agreement to be signed by the chair of HealthWest and the CEO of your organisation.