Diabetes Out West

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This project used a place based approach to consider the barriers and enablers to managing and living with diabetes in Melbourne’s west. The project aimed to consult with community members, clinicians and stakeholders to create and implement innovative and meaningful strategies to assist the community with diabetes management.

Website and promotional resources


The Diabetes Out West website (www.diabetesoutwest.org.au) is designed to educate people in Melbourne’s west about their diabetes and the great support they can get in their local community.

The website was designed in partnership with community members and local service providers. It is easy to use and easy to read. The website is also translated into Vietnamese.

To promote the website in your community please download and print these posters/flyers.




The project was initially focused on the Braybrook area. Two reports were compiled in consultation with the local community, clinicians and other stakeholders.

The Responding to Diabetes in Braybrook needs analysis examined the role of the physical and social environment and how this impacted on choice and opportunity for community members.

Responding to Gestational Diabetes in Braybrook identifies gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) as a significant issue for Melbourne’s west, particularly in Braybrook. The report details the socio-cultural and environmental context, data, and examples of  good practice programs.