Workforce Mutuality

The Workforce Mutuality Toolkit

The Workforce Mutuality Toolkit consists of three documents designed to be used together.  

These documents provide guidance on how organisations can achieve workforce mutuality. 

Standards for Workforce Mutuality 

Explains the concept of workforce mutuality and its benefits. Describes the six Standards for Workforce Mutuality and why they’re important, and their indicators.  


Examples of Good Practice Guide

Describes a three step approach for making improvements to workforce mutuality. Includes examples of good practice for each indicator, and practical resources.  


Self-Assessment Tool

A tool for assessing an organisation against the six Standards for Workforce Mutuality. Includes guidance for planning a self-assessment and prioritising work.   


What is workforce mutuality?

Workforce Mutuality describes the extent to which the diversity of the workforce of an organisation or a sector reflects the actual diversity of the community. 

What are the benefits of workforce mutuality?

Workforce mutuality benefits both organisations and the community.  

Some of the benefits include:  

  • Better workforces – diverse and inclusive workforces are:
    • more efficient,  
    • more creative and innovative,  
    • better at problem solving and decision making, and  
    • better at attracting top talent.  
  • Better organisations – diverse and inclusive organisations are more likely to:
    • perform better,  
    • have greater employee satisfaction, and  
    • reduced absenteeism.  
  • Better services
    • improved access,  
    • more responsive to needs.  
  • Better employment outcomes for all.  

For more information about the benefits of workforce mutuality, please refer to the Standards for Workforce Mutuality.

What are the Standards for Workforce Mutuality?

The Standards for Workforce Mutuality were developed to provide guidance on how to achieve workforce mutuality. Each standard is further broken down into indicators. Please refer to the Standards for Workforce Mutuality.

How were the Standards developed?

HealthWest Partnership worked with an expert advisory panel with representation from peak bodies, local health and employment services, universities and community partners.  

The Standards were piloted by five of our member organisations in 2018. Findings of the evaluation of the pilot can be found here.

The Workforce Mutuality Toolkit was developed in response to the recommendations made in this report, and in collaboration with the expert advisory panel.  


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