Health Literacy Guide

Health Literacy Guide


Project summary

The ‘Health Literacy Guide: making client resources easy to use and understand’ is a 5 step guide to developing client resources that are easy to use and understand.

IPC Health developed the guide for their service providers to ensure that client resources can be understood by all clients irrespective of their health literacy skills.  

The guide is an excellent resource for any organisation wishing to improve the quality of their client resources.


The Health Literacy Guide

The guide provides clear instructions on  how to:

  • write in Plain Language
  • test readability
  • create easy to use forms
  • use images appropriately
  • get consumer feedback, and
  • monitor and review the quality of resources.


Click the image to download a copy of the Health Literacy Guide.



What are the benefits?

The main benefit is that clients have access to simple and easy to understand and use information and forms.

The guide also helps staff to understand how to use plain language, both when writing and speaking.


How does the Health Literacy Guide make IPC Health a Health Literate Organisation?

Health Literate Organisations do not make assumptions about a clients health literacy levels [1]. They use a consistent approach when developing client resources to ensure that they can be understood by everyone [1].


How was the Health Literacy Guide developed?

The Health Literacy Guide was informed by a range of best practice communication tools and in consultation with community participants and  IPC Health service providers.



[1] Trezona, Dodson & Osborne, 2017, Organisational Health Literacy Responsiveness (Org-HLR) Self Assessment Tool and User Guide, Deakin University.