Secure electronic communication systems enable health and community services to share client information and management of consumer information using encrypted email across a secure platform. HealthWest promotes the use of secure e-referral and secure messaging practices.

These e-communication systems support service coordination by:

  • encouraging good communication between services, providing an opportunity to easily send a referral, acknowledge the referral and inform on referral outcomes
  • reducing duplication of information
  • enhancing consumer privacy and participation

More info

  • Connectingcare
    • The majority of HealthWest members currently use the ConnectingCare platform. Database Consultants Australia (DCA) provides a service helpdesk on 1800 300 012 or connectingcare@data.com.au.
  • National Health Services Directory (NHSD)
    • This directory enables service providers and consumers to access free, reliable, comprehensive and consistent information about health and human services when and where they need it via user-friendly tools like the NHSD mobile app and widgets. The NHSD has now replaced the Victorian Human Services Directory (HSD) as a key part of the national eHealth reform framework.