Access & Support Worker brochure


Early in 2016 HealthWest was approached by Access & Support Workers from our member organisations across the region to make a brochure about Access & Support Worker services using health literacy principles.

A brochure was created in partnership with Access & Support Workers. The workers conducted consultations with their communities to develop a brochure which is easy to read and directs people to the support they need. The template is colourful and minimalist with an emphasis on pictorials. Health literacy principles were used to design the brochure, meaning it is accessible to people who may speak English as a second language or have low health literacy.

The template below can be easily customised, thereby meeting the needs of our diverse consumers. The template can be translated and other additions can be made to make them more appealing to consumers from diverse backgrounds. For example. a photo of the worker, a country flag or a logo may be added.

Please contact if you would like to use this template. You may view the template here: Access & Support Worker Template