Community Leadership Animation

How to Start a Community Project in 10 Steps!


See what it takes for an individual or group to go from an idea to an action.


How do you start a community group and improve your local neighbourhood?
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Links to help you

Justice Connect:

Getting started

Not-for-profit law


Our Community:

Training and resources


Local government community pages:

Brimbank City Council 

  • community governance program
  • training
  • resources

Maribyrnong City Council–  community programs and grants

  • grant funding
  • volunteering
  • leadership

Hobsons Bay City Council – community

  • community directory
  • clubs and services
  • information for community organisations

Melton City Council – grants, awards and training

  • community partnership program
  • community group training

Wyndham City Council – grant support and resources

  • project planning toolkit
  • multilingual services



10 Steps

  1. Having an idea – the spark!
      • Base your idea on a need of gap. 
  2. Gathering information – the research.
    • Speak to neighbours, other community members and your local council.
  3. Recruit your team – talk to friends, family and neighbours
    • Team-up with other people or other clubs to get more energy and support.
  4. Details – think about funding and resources.Projects can be run with surprisingly little funds.
    • Think of where you can find in-kind support (this is where people volunteer their time, space or tools). 
  5. Location – the venue.
    • You can use local clubs, local government venues and public spaces. Don’t forget to consider public transport.
  6. Risk – consider what might go wrong.
    • If you think about what could go wrong you can plan ahead to avoid risk.
  7. Promotion – get the word out.
    • Don’t forget to promote yourself and tell others what you are doing. Use the local paper, bulletin boards, social media,
    • radio and word-of-mouth.
  8. Up-skill and training – build your capacity.
    • Training is available everywhere. Look for free community opportunities and online options.
  9. Evaluation – the survey and questionnaire bit.
    • It is important to ask people what they do and don’t like about your project or community group, so that you can improve it!
  10. More informationFind information to help you. Use document templates, application guides and free resources.


We hope to get the animation translated into different languages. Until then, download the animation script and translate it as needed.

How to start a community group in 10 steps – Transcript 2017.

Why an animation?

It all started with a community leadership, place-based project. Where community members identified small-scale projects to benefit their community.
They were supported with training, technical assistance, partnership opportunities and a small amount of seed funding to transform their ideas into actions. Our3021 enables individuals to recognise their potential and create stronger empowered communities in Melbourne’s West.

Towards the end, the community members were asked: “what would’ve made starting your community project easier?
They told us they would’ve like to know what was involved in creating a community project at the beginning.

So, the process was workshopped and broken down into 10-steps: “How to Start a Community Project in 10-Steps“!


More info:

Read more about the Our3021 project here.

Here is a video about the Our3021 project:



  • Find out about our current leadership project – connectwest.
  • Brimbank Community “Road Map” (COMING SOON)
  • For more information about Our30321 projects, please visit the Our3021 page.




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