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May 10, 2016

Our 3021 aims to improve the health, wellbeing and social connectedness of communities in the west.




The Our3021 project aims to engage and strengthen the community by encouraging participation in decisions that impacts on health and wellbeing, at both an individual and a neighbourhood level. Our3021 takes a strengthen-based approach by supporting those living in the Brimbank area to create a project within their community and need support to turn their ideas into actions.

Our3021 looks to empower community members to recognise their potential and simultaneously enrich their communities through their respective projects. Commencing in 2014, Our3021 provided support for projects in the form of project management training, ongoing assistance and partial funding.

Community initiated and led projects ranged from educating children about nutrition to a healthy lifestyle group for those over 50 to the use of media to promote cultural inclusion and acceptance.

These inspiring community members have combined their talents and identified innovative and creative ways to enhance their communities. Contributing to the overall goal of “improving the health, wellbeing and social connectedness of communities in the west”!

This project is a joint effort from HealthWest Partnership, ISIS Primary Care, Brimbank City Council and cohealth, who joined forces to bring this exciting project to the people of the Brimbank area. Please read more about these organisations below.


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You can read a summary of the current and past projects below:

Current Projects

Humans of Brimbank

This photography project aims to capture images of Brimbank locals and complement the photo with inspirational quotes, snippets or stories.  The project manager hopes to display these works of art in various exhibitions.


Humans of Brimbank

Iraqi Kitchen

A cooking project aimed at eating healthier, learning skills, meeting neighbours and building a stronger, more connected community.

Somali Sewing Program

A project for isolated Somali women, who are given the opportunity to come together and learn valuable sewing skills. Which they can use at home and consider starting their own small businesses.

Vietnamese Zumba

A physical and mental wellbeing project, focusing on women with school aged children. Providing a familiar location of a school where the women can feel safe to exercise and socialize.

Beautiful Brimbank

A project dedicated to decreasing the amount of litter and improving community pride in the Brimbank area. It promotes beautification through art, education and direct action clean-ups.


Beautiful Brimbank


Past Projects

New Change

A group that provided young women, mostly of an African background, an opportunity to explore project ideas and management skills. As well as, build their knowledge around sexual and reproductive health, prevention of violence against women and respectful relationships.


An arts project that promoted and supported social inclusion for marginalized community members. Tripod offered an opportunity for aged and/or adults with a disability to come together to enjoy arts together.

University Park Primary School Breakfast Program

This project aims to provide children with healthy and culturally appropriate breakfast. Developing the skills of volunteers to deliver the breakfast programs. The project worked to establish a partnership with local food rescue programs.

Women’s Safety on Trains

Due to the project manager’s own experiences of feeling unsafe while traveling on trains at night, she brought women together to identify ways of providing safer environments in these scenarios.

Coffee Table Book

Recognising the richness of the Brimbank culture, the project manager worked to illustrate this vibrancy through a ‘Coffee Table Book’. About the people of Brimbank – by the people of Brimbank. The book included images, drawings, quotes and stories of peoples their culture, background and journey.

Interfaith Dialogue (Uniting Church)

The St Albans Uniting Church hoped to improve people’s sense of belonging and pride in the community through two projects. One project provided morning tea for isolated seniors. The second project provided meals for disadvantaged community members.

Healthy Lifestyle Vietnamese Group

This project aimed to engage Vietnamese community members through healthy activities, such as dancing and exercise.

Healthy Lifestyle Group

Healthy Lifestyle Group


Liberian Kickball/Baseball

The use of team sports as a form of social connection for young people and a way of maintaining cultural values. An opportunity for young Liberian girls in St Albans to socialize and share life experience through regular baseball games.

Computer Literacy Training for Chin Women

This project aims to enhance Chin women’s basic computer skills so that they can connect with friends and family and manage their finances via the internet.

Cardio Tennis

St Albans East Tennis Club provided a family friendly environment in an effort to keep people happy, healthy and socially connected. Cardio Tennis was a fun-filled, outdoor sport accompanied by music.

Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis

Community Garden

The Holy Eucharist Primary School aims to improve social connectedness by providing an opportunity for parents to come together and work on a project in familiar and friendly environments. The project will enhance the connections between parents and promote healthy eating habits for parents and their children.

Youth Choir

This university student, with a passion for all things musical, recognised that there was no youth choir in the community and decided to do something about it. She believes music is the perfect method to bring people together while providing the choir members with an opportunity to share their gifts with older groups.

Soccer with Borders

In an effort to bring isolated people together and create new connections amongst the locals, this project manager aims to organise soccer teams as a vehicle to produce cross-cultural friendships for young community members.


Our3021 Background

The Our3021 project was originally formed and driven as a result of the St Albans Community Resource Action Group.

St Albans Community Resource Action Group wanted to help community members identify opportunities for the local community to contribute their area. This was done with the hope of fostering a positive sense of place in St Albans, focusing on the assets to improve social, mental and physical wellbeing.

The group organised a forum and consumer feedback on the St Albans Main Rd Grade Separation to ensure local voices were heard and begin recruiting active community members. More than 80 people attended the forum and 86 responded to the survey. This formed the basis of a report that advocates for better outcomes from the grade separation project, as identified by the community.

From this the action group formed Our3021, consisting of the partnering organising below and began offering project management training, seed funding and ongoing assistance to approved community organised and run projects in the area.


St Albans Community Resource Action Group

Original St Albans Community Resource Action Group

Our 3021 Partner Organisations

ISIS Primary Care is an amalgamation of Brimbank, Westgate and Wyndham community health services, and is the largest provider of community health service in the Western Metropolitan Region.

cohealth is one of the largest community health organisations in Australia. They provide quality service across mental health, oral health, family violence, alcohol and other drugs, aged care and medical and integrated health services.

The City of Brimbank was formed following the amalgamation of the former cities of Keilor and Sunshine. Brimbank is the second largest municipality in Melbourne and the largest in the Western Region.

HealthWest Partnership is one of 30 primary care partnerships throughout Victoria. We are a network of local health and human service organisations working together to improve the health system and the health of Victorian communities.


You can read more about the current project updates or summary evaluation reports here.

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