Tips for Allyhood

Tips for Allyhood:

Working together to end violence against women

Interested to hear from men who have begun their allyship journey? Watch men share what being an ally to end violence against women means to them and how you can join them.

In the videos below, individual men reflect on their own personal journeys of allyhood.

These videos were developed as part of the 16 Days campaign in 2020. We acknowledge that binary and heteronormative language and concepts are used here as part of the 16 days campaign that aims to end violence against women. But gender is a social construct and whatever your gender identity, we hope you will find this information and activities interesting and join us in ending violence against all people. 

All men can play a part in ending violence against women.
Violence is more than physical violence. It includes disrespect, fear and control towards women.

Being an ally is about

  • being aware of your own privilege and power, and
  • taking action together with women

to end this violence and create a more equal society that values and respects women.