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September 30, 2021

October is health literacy month!


Join our promotional campaign

If you are a health or community organisation, consider being a part of the Health Literacy Alliance‘s joint campaign. We will be promoting four free resources that support organisations to be more health literate:

  • Make it Easy Handbook
  • Health literacy primer for managers and executives
  • Video and quiz about how can staff working in health facilities help with health literacy
  • Online health literacy course by Victorian Primary Care Partnerships

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Take this opportunity to reflect on health literacy

What is health literacy?

There isn’t one definition. We like Healthy North Coast’s explanation. Do you know of any other good ones?

We often use words that get in the way.

For example, it is the patient with kidney disease who may not be able to interpret a sign which says ‘nephrology unit’. For more communication tips, watch this 2min video.

Have you ever used the Teach Back Technique?

Does it help? Try it this health literacy month! North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network has a useful video on this.

Have you thought about how we communicate with consumers?

This health literacy month, spend a few minutes listening to a few American patients talking about their medications. These testimonials will make you think again about how we communicate with consumers.

Health Literacy