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November 18, 2021

Workforce Mutuality remains a public health challenge

COVID-19 reminds us why

Prior to COVID-19 the health and community sectors were becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of Workforce Mutuality. Evidence demonstrates diverse and inclusive workplaces are more effective, innovative, efficient and have greater employee satisfaction.

Workforce Mutuality
highlights the importance of having a diverse workforce
which reflects the communities it seeks to reach.

The experiences of COVID-19 remind us that Workforce Mutuality is an important public health issue in Melbourne’s west. For example, current research around COVID-19 demonstrates people who primarily speak a language other than English at home were more likely to be misinformed. COVID-19 has demonstrated the ongoing challenges of delivering services which are responsive to diverse community needs. We need to continue pursuing Workforce Mutuality so we can deliver better and more equitable services now and into the future.

Why Workforce Mutuality?

Recently HealthWest was invited by the Hush Foundation to share our resources through the Gathering of Kindness event in November. Please watch the short video below created with our friends at Cultural Infusion which talks about the importance of Workforce Mutuality and collecting workforce diversity data.

Workforce Mutuality Toolkit

HealthWest have developed organisational Standards for Workforce Mutuality to provide guidance on how organisations can achieve greater workforce diversity, inclusion and mutuality. A toolkit of resources also includes a good practice guide and a self-assessment tool.

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