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April 28, 2022

27 APRIL 2022


This is HealthWest Partnership’s last e-news and update.

The staff group will be finishing over the next few days and I will be available until the 19 May. The website will be live until the 31 May 2022.

The Department of Health has funded VicPCP to develop a web-based resource repository to preserve and share 22 years of the Victorian Government’s investment in the Primary Care Partnership Program. VicPCP has engaged La Trobe University, Australian Institute of Primary Care and Ageing to build a purpose-built website with search functionality that will be publicly accessible for a period of 5 years. This should be live by mid to late June 2022, and HealthWest resources will be uploaded. Emma Fitzsimon is the contact for the Statewide PCP repository

As we close our door, I wish to thank our Management Groups and Community Advisory Group, who have wisely guided the direction and purpose of HealthWest over many years. I also pay tribute to the current and past staff, who have always brought their skills, knowledge and whole selves to the work. Lastly I thank the membership, who are the key activists and implementers of the system change and improvement that results from our collaborative work. It has been a pleasure and honour working together to create better health in Melbourne’s west.

We are handing the stewardship of population health and health promotion in our catchment to the Western Health Public Health Unit at Western Health. For further information please contact Kate Cranwell- Operations Director, email:

I wish you all the best

Gail O’Donnell
Executive Officer
(03) 9248 9665


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