Working Together with Men

Working Together with Men (WTWM) supports and mobilises men in Brimbank, Victoria, to take primary prevention actions to prevent violence against women. It supports men through a process of education and capacity-building to develop and lead activities and programs that increase safety for women in Brimbank.

End-of-Project Event

Join us for this special event.
See a special screening of the new short documentary of the Men of Brimbank by Andrew Robb and join the celebration of the end-of-project event.

This is a free event with music, food, tea and coffee provided.

All welcome!


Friday, November 24, 2017

6:00 pm – 8:30 pm




Guest Speakers:

  • Scott Holmes – On WhiteRibbon Day & 16 Days of Activism
  • Brimbank Councillor – Council’s Role in Men of Brimbank 
  • Gail O’Donnell – Beyond Working Together with Men
  • Michael Flood – Highlighting Achievements and Evaluation

Food, tea and coffee will be provided.

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Working Together with Men

Men from diverse ethnic backgrounds, participated in awareness raising sessions, training, ideas generation events, and upskilling workshops. Seven men were selected to form Men of Brimbank group to lead place-based primary prevention actions identified by the local community to address drivers of violence against women in their community. WTWM is designed as a flagship project that can be repeated in the future in other settings. This is Men of Brimbank story so far…


Over the period of Jan 2016 to Dec 2017, the WTWM project proposes to:

  1. Increase the capacity of local agencies to identify and engage men in primary prevention of violence against women (PVAW)
  2. Increase awareness and understanding of the issue of violence against women among local men
  3. Build the knowledge, skills and capacity of men in Brimbank to develop and implement community-based PVAW initiatives
  4. Increase capacity of implementation groups (men in Brimbank) to advocate and sustain PVAW actions
  5. Model a transferrable approach to engaging men and improving community safety that can be taken up in other locations


Current achievements

  • Awareness raising on the importance of men’s engagement in primary prevention of violence against women for 250 community members
  • 70 people engaged in training component on prevention of violence against women
  • Six community projects raising awareness on violence against women are currently being supported, and implemented by men across Brimbank.




Cuong La, PhD
Working Together With Men – Project Manager
03 9248 9657