About HealthWest

What Are Primary Care Partnerships?

  • Established by the Victorian Government, HealthWest is one of 28 primary care partnerships (PCP) throughout Victoria.
  • PCPs are a network of local health and human service organisations working together to improve the health system and the health of Victorian communities.
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What Does HealthWest Do?

  • HealthWest brings together health care providers, community organisations and local councils in a voluntary partnership.
  • The partnership is committed to supporting an integrated approach to strengthening our local communities’ health and wellbeing.

Guiding principles

The following principles will guide the work and decision making of the partnership:

  • Equity – The partnership will focus on the social determinants of health and structural inequities within the health and human service systems.
  • Action for impact – The partnership will take action where the evidence suggests we can deliver the greatest public benefit and sustainability.
  • ‘We’ not ‘I’– The partnership will work with community to improve public health systems and health and wellbeing outcomes.
  • Value add – The partnership will focus on the gaps and opportunities where we can add value to the work of others and address inequities.
  • Continuous learning & improvement – The partnership will apply improvement cycles to strengthen the system and inform future practice.



HealthWest Strategic Plan, page 2

HealthWest Strategic Plan