Workforce Mutuality

Workforce Mutuality Project


At HealthWest we are using the concept of workforce mutuality to describe the extent to which the diversity of an organisation or a sector’s workforce reflects the diversity of the community. A growing body of evidence shows that a health and community workforce with high mutuality brings with it unique knowledge and skills that that can result in positive health and social outcomes. It increases the effectiveness of organisations to support consumers from diverse backgrounds, while improving the social determinants of health by creating new employment pathways and greater engagement with community. Workforce mutuality is therefore mutually reinforcing for both the community and for health and community organisations.

The diversity of the health and community services organisations in Melbourne’s west falls short of the actual diversity of the community. HealthWest Partnership has therefore identified increasing the workforce mutuality of our membership as a key priority in our Strategic Plan 2017-19.


Please read our Position Statement on Workforce Mutuality here.


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