Our Management Group

The membership of HealthWest Partnership comprises a diverse range of healthcare providers and agencies, health-related community groups and local government.

The HealthWest Management Group provides the governance for the partnership and works to align the various interests of HealthWest’s member organisations. The Management Group is committed to:

  • Strategic planning and advocacy
  • Involving all members in decision-making
  • Encouraging robust discussion of all issues
  • Extending the understanding of all member organisations
  • Disseminating information of relevance to a diverse range of services
  • Incorporating quality assurance and risk management in planning and
  • Pursuing broader partnership aims while acknowledging the sovereignty of each partnership member.

The HealthWest Management Group has responsibility for endorsing and reviewing HealthWest’s Strategic Plan. It delegates the day-to-day management of the plan to HealthWest’s executive officer and staff team. HealthWest conducts strategic forums and fosters local networks to bring health and community workers and organisations together on a regular basis to implement locally-determined priorities.

Partnership processes are guided by a partnership agreement that outlines how members work together as a strategic alliance. In addition, a Terms of Reference guides how the Management Group carries out its work. HealthWest’s Executive Officer acts on behalf of the Management Group to implement the agreed objectives and actions of the HealthWest Partnership.

The Management Group is a decision-making body that uses a consensus model to determine its priorities and commitments. Meetings are held three times a year for two hours at a regular time.