Family Violence


Identifying and Responding to Family Violence Project


Statistics show that women who experience violence access health care services more than non-abused women and health care providers are well placed to assist with the health and psychosocial needs of women who access their services (WHO 2013). HealthWest works in partnership with the Primary Care Partnerships across the North West Metropolitan Region (NWMR) to support our members to provide a more streamlined and coordinated service system response to family violence. The project was referenced in the Royal Commission into Family Violence Report in relation innovative responses for mainstream services. The project aims to:

  • Build the capacity of mainstream health organisations to effectively identify and respond to family violence.
  • Support organisations to develop a whole of organisation approach to family violence.
  • Strengthen and consolidate the pathways between mainstream health organisations and the integrated family violence sector across the NWMR.

The project commenced in 2015 and has been funded for a third year. In 2017 training was delivered to many managers and Human Resource staff across the catchment.

An Implementation Network is coordinated regularly to support staff implementing policies and practice into their organisations.


  • Guidelines for engaging people who cause family violence harm
    • These guidelines are for mainstream services and include good practice early intervention strategies and direct engagement techniques. These guidelines are intended to be used in conjunction with the policy templates below.
  • Client Policy Template 
    • The template is designed to provide consistent service responses for mainstream services.
  • Workplace Policy Template
    • The purpose of this template is to provide organisations with guidance on developing a workplace family violence policy.
    • The purpose of this package is to support facilitators with the delivery of training to managers of health and community services.



Mindy Allott, Systems Integration Manager

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