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March 6, 2019

March 21st is Harmony Day in Australia, known internationally as the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Harmony Day is a good time to celebrate the huge cultural diversity of Melbourne’s west, with around 40% of residents speaking a language other than English at home, and almost as many born overseas. However it’s important that we don’t stop at a once-a-year celebration. As part of the health and community sector, we should consider how we ensure that all members of our communities can access effective and appropriate services.

Harmony Day 21 March

HealthWest has been working with our members and communities to support people from a broad range of backgrounds and abilities to fully participate in their health care and communities:

  • Workforce Mutuality aims to improve access to appropriate services and employment pathways for everyone in our community, by increasing the extent to which the diversity of the workforce of an organisation or sector reflects the actual diversity of the community.
  • Health Literacy sees health and community services responding to the specific needs of their consumers, making it easier for anyone to find, understand, and use information and services.
  • Social Inclusion seeks to support everyone in Melbourne’s west to develop the resources to learn, work, engage meaningfully and have a voice. (This is a shared priority area of the Western Region Primary Prevention Taskforce)

This Harmony Day, why not have a conversation about how you and your organisation are supporting our diverse communities, all year round?


Written by Mindy Allott, Systems Integration Manager
Taken from HealthWest Update March 2019.


There’s much more to ‘Harmony Day’ than it appears.

This thought-provoking article from the Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health discusses the dangers of feel-good approaches to diversity. Read the article.

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