Better Health Communication project

Clear, effective and culturally appropriate COVID messages for culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities has been a major theme of 2020 and will continue to be a public health priority.

The Better Health Communication project seeks to help staff in Melbourne’s west improve their COVID messaging to CALD communities.

The project aims to do this by sharing knowledge, experiences and resources among staff who produce COVID messages.


To support staff in Melbourne’s west to better communicate about COVID to CALD communities.


Staff who prepare COVID messages for local communities in Brimbank, Maribyrnong, Hobsons Bay, Melton, and Wyndham.

This includes staff who

  • translate
  • adapt messages into different media formats, and/or
  • circulate COVID messages.

The project aims to share knowledge, experiences and resources among staff producing COVID messages by:

A. Gathering information on current knowledge, experiences and resources using a survey.

B. Making this information available for other staff to use.

C. Providing a space for requests for support (to be confirmed)


The survey is currently open. 

Take the survey (external link to a google site)


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Deb Tan

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