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October 10, 2019

What we stand to lose across Victoria:

  • 28 established local health partnerships across  Victoria
  • 19 years experience in partnership brokering
  • Strong, vibrant networks that connect more than 800 organisations across the state
  • Better health and well being outcomes for Victorians in the places where they live

For more detail on the quality and diversity of PCPs work see Contributing to better health and well being outcomes for our communities: Examples from around Victoria

(You can also refer to individual case studies on the Vic PCP website)


What we stand to lose in Melbourne’s west:

  • Support to maintain the relationships we have established in our 19 years together
  • Resources for innovation, quality improvement, research, workforce development, community engagement
  • Support to coordinate our prevention efforts
  • Support to implement government policy
  • Help in bringing more resources into Melbourne’s west

View HealthWest’s most recent achievements in the last financial year 2018-19: one page highlights; Adobe Spark full version



How you can help:

If you find benefit in working with HealthWest Partnership, please consider supporting the Vic PCP advocacy campaign by:

For information and resources to assist you advocate to secure funding for PCPs visit VICPCP.