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August 1, 2017

Thank you to one of our newer members, Campbell Page for writing this guest post introducing their services to you.

To move people out of poverty, everyone must have access to the opportunity of sustainable employment. We partner with government and the community to help individuals to join the pathway to employment stability.

We believe that no-one should be denied secure employment because of where they live or the circumstances into which they are born. That’s why we bring together individuals, employers and industry in a movement to provide widespread access to sustainable employment. Our reach extends from youth, Indigenous and family programs through to education, employment and disability employment services.

Our Disability Employment Services  program aims at assisting participants who:

  • Have been referred to us by Centrelink
  • Requested to join our service
  • Have an identified disability and are either unemployed or are employed but not meeting their required working hours.

We work with our participants to provide them a holistic service that assesses their vocational and non-vocational barriers with our team of qualified Occupational Assessors. We then refer them to a range of local service providers to help them manage or overcome their barriers so that we can then support them into work.

At Campbell Page the community is at the heart of everything we do.

  • Our ambition is to bring together individuals, partners and communities in a movement that provides widespread access to sustainable employment.
  • We work together with our customers to help them plan a pathway towards meaningful and ongoing employment.
  • We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity, which is why we aim to connect people with the additional support they may need along the way.


Community Partnerships

Our goal is to expand our community partnerships, so that we can help our participants in all areas of their life.  Through collaborating with a range of community service providers within the inner north-west we provide a holistic and supportive service to our participants that seeks to utilise the skills and expertise available from a range of providers in a co-case management approach.


Community Support

We promote our service to the community, so that we can assist individuals with a supportive and tailored approach that supports them to return to work.  Our teams support and link people with specialised guidance through the following methods:

  • Personalised coaching
  • Employment preparation
  • Tailored job searches
  • Resume and cover letter creation
  • Links to a wide range of employers and job types

Watch a video about Campbell Page’s services here here, and learn more about partnering with Campbell Page here.


If you would like to learn more about Campbell Page and how we can support your business, or to discuss a service you provide in the community please contact Kylie Davies-Culloden, Partnership Manager by phone (0490 430 696) or email:



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