9 November 2016

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News at HealthWest

Responsive health care and health literacy MEET-UP!

What does it mean to be a responsive health care provider? How is responsiveness related to health literacy, community participation and cultural competence?

Natalija Nesvadba, Manager of Multicultural Services will discuss Mercy Health’s whole-of-organisation approach to health literacy, responsiveness, equity and inclusion. Also learn about:

  • The ‘Just Ask’ campaign to encourage client input at ISIS Primary Care.
  • Health care needs and experiences of people from a refugee background from the Victorian Refugee Health Network
  • Using smart phones and technology to overcome healthcare barriers from the Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health.

When: Monday 14 November 1:30 – 4pm
Where: Sunshine Convention Centre at Victoria University, 460 Ballarat Road, Sunshine.
More info: RSVP required, visit the event page.


HealthWest Blog

The Healthwest blog is a platform for our members to discuss issues and share their work, including challenges, solutions and reflections.

This month we have a post from Bridging the Gap about their programs and professional development – click here to read the post.

More info: If you are a HealthWest member, and would like to contribute to the blog, please contact Claire East: claire.east@healthwest.org.au.


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Health Literacy and Community Partnership

Review of Communication Tools for End-of-Life Decision-Making

Communication Tools for End-of-Life Decision-Making in Ambulatory Care Settings: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

This review sought to determine the effect of structured communication tools for end-of-life decision making amongst adults in ambulatory care settings. It concluded that overall available evidence suggests that structured communication tools assist in end-of-life decision making and may improve communication processes.

More info: Read the full review here.


Consumers Shaping Health newsletter re-launched

The Consumers Health Forum of Australia (CHF) have relaunched their newsletter. Every two months Consumers Shaping Health will bring to you news on what CHF and others are doing to ensure consumers have impact in national health policy. The Consumers Health Forum of Australia is the nation’s peak body representing healthcare consumers and those with an interest in healthcare consumer affairs.

More info: Read and subscribe to the newsletter here.


Priority Cochrane Reviews in health communication and participation

In March 2015, Cochrane Consumers and Communication (based at La Trobe University) started an extensive consultation with consumers, carers, health professionals, policy makers and research funders. They wanted to identify research priorities in health communication and participation.

The following Cochrane Review topics were selected as priorities and are now underway and should be published in late 2017:

  1. Improving communication about end of life care.
  2. Patient, family and carer involvement in patient safety.
  3. Improving future doctors’ communication skills.
  4. Consumer engagement strategies.
  5. Strategies for health professionals to promote patient-centred care.

More info: Read more about the reviews, the priority setting process and download the final report here.


Encouraging participation in a team environment

This article looks at three common problems with teams that operate in a top-down way, and discusses ways to overcome the problems.

More info: Read the full article here.


Stop Trying to Sound Smart When You’re Writing

This article in the Harvard Business Review urges writers to stop trying to sound smart and instead to be smart. Consider what you want your readers to think, to feel, and to do after they’ve read your message, and how you can achieve it. The article also runs through a few techniques for effective writing.

More info: Read the article here.


Power and glory: Applying participatory action research in public health

In this editorial Fran Baum discusses participatory research methods in public health. This paper presents the origins, uses and methods, and power and politics of participatory action research or community-based participatory research. Professor Baum describes how participatory action research holds great promise to create better mobilisation and community interest and action on both health inequities and the social determinants of health.

More info: Read the full editorial here.


User feedback in maternity services

This UK report looks at what maternity services are doing locally to collect, analyse and act on user feedback. It describes the challenges of adopting the different approaches and highlights the features of organisations that are successful in user feedback activities:

  • Organisations need to have a clear view on the value and purpose of user feedback, which is supported by all staff.
  • Leaders are key to ensuring that user feedback and actions taken as a result of it are seen as a priority within the organisation and part of a wider culture of improvement.
  • Organisations with the strongest track record in patient feedback use a variety of approaches to collecting their service user’s views, including those tailored to local circumstances.
  • Service users should be involved in all stages of the feedback process, from the development of feedback tools to the design of service improvements.
  • Sufficient time and resources need to be invested in feedback systems so that feedback activities are protected when services are under pressure.

More info: Download the full report here.


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Service Integration

Review of hospital safety and quality assurance in Victoria

Targeting zero, the review of hospital safety and quality assurance in Victoria was commissioned by the Minister for Health following the discovery of a cluster of tragically avoidable perinatal deaths. The review was a detailed and extensive analysis into how the Department of Health & Human Services oversees and supports quality and safety of care across the Victorian hospital system.

More info: Read the review here. 


Inclusive Organisations: A good practice guide

Inclusive Organisations was recently published by the Centre for Multicultural Youth. It provides a framework to improve engagement with young people and enhance good practice across services and programs. The framework includes eight good practice principles and a range of accompanying strategies.

More info: Download the guide here.


Multi-lingual appointment card

The card is an online tool developed by the Cancer Council Victoria that creates a printed form containing information about a patient’s next health appointment, translated into their own language. It aims to reduce the failure-to-attend rates and improve communication between service providers and clients from a culturally diverse background.

More info: View the appointment card tool here.


Intensive Childhood Support Service

The government is bringing together its initial response to the Royal Commission into Family Violence, the Roadmap for Reform: strong families, safe children policy and the Education State reform agenda, so that all families can seamlessly access the services they need throughout their children’s lives. As part of this approach, the government is creating a new service for families who need the most support during pregnancy and in their child’s first years. This work is supported by a $32.3 million investment over two years.

More info: Download the factsheet here.


ASM & Diversity Newsletter

This is the third edition of the keeping you connected North Metro DHHS and West Metro DHHS Active Service Model (ASM) & Diversity e-Newsletter. This e-Newsletter coincides with the recent ASM and Diversity planning information kit 2016-2017 October 2016 communication bulletin from the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

More info: View the newsletter here.


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16 Days Activist Campaign

Join Women’s Health West and Preventing Violence Together partners in taking action to end violence against women by signing up for the 16 Days Activist Challenge from 25 November to 10 December.

As a 16 Days Activist, you pledge to undertake actions to promote gender equality and prevent violence against women. You can pick from the list of suggested actions, or add one of your own.
More info: To take the challenge, please register here and select the actions that you pledge to undertake.


Victorian Health and Wellbeing Outcomes Framework and Action Plan

The ‘Victorian public health and wellbeing outcomes framework’ and Action Plan are the next steps in delivering on the objective of the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 and implementing the vision of the Victorian public health and wellbeing plan 2015–2019.

More info: Download the Outcomes Framework and Action Plan here.


2016 VicHealth Action Agenda for Health Promotion

The 2016 Action Agenda update sets out VicHealth’s priorities for 2016─19 and builds on the inaugural Action Agenda released in 2013.

The five VicHealth strategic imperatives remain, with associated three-year priorities:

  • Promoting healthy eating
  • Encouraging regular physical activity
  • Preventing tobacco use
  • Preventing harm from alcohol
  • Improving mental wellbeing

Three themes will frame all aspects of our work in 2016─19:  Gender, Youth and Community.

More info: Download the Action Agenda here.


Proudly Pokies Free Campaign

Proudly Pokies Free is a youth-focused campaign which raises awareness about the damage caused by the pokies in Australia. We want to see less people playing pokies, more people visiting pokies free venues, and less pokies overall.

By celebrating and promoting pokies free venues we aim to change the conversation around the pokies and make it clear that we can have a venue culture that doesn’t rely on them. A venue culture we can truly be proud off.

More info: Find out more here.


Gambling in CALD Communities

Australia is a culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) country. Gambling is perceived to be part of “Aussie” culture, and migrants often see gambling as a way to integrate themselves into Australia’s culture and lifestyle. This picture however, is not the same across all cultures within Australia, this new discussion paper by the Australian Gambling Research Centre examines gambling across CALD communities.

More info: Download the full publication here.

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Aboriginal Health

Victorian inquiry to address rise in Indigenous children in child protection services

Victoria’s Aboriginal Children’s Commissioner is set to release a landmark inquiry, designed to stem the vast over-representation of Indigenous children in the child protection system.

More info: Read the article here.


National Aboriginal and Torres-Strait Islander Youth Report

This report from Mission Australia compares Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander young people’s responses on their values, concerns, health, wellbeing, housing and safety. Policy recommendations focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people being at the centre of policies and programs.

More info: Download the report here.


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For Your Diary


Funding Grants for Women’s Leadership Development

In 2016 Women & Leadership Australia is administering a national initiative to support the development of female leaders across the health sector. The deadline for expressions of interest is 15 December 2016.

More info: Click here for more information or contact Ian Johnson (03) 9270 9016.


MOVE muscle, bone & joint health ‘Managing Persistent Pain in Primary Healthcare’

This webinar will provide a simple, evidence-based guide to pain management in primary care, including when to refer and to whom, and allow improved quality of life with pain management as the goal.

When: 7-8pm (AEST), Monday 14 November 2016
More info: For further details and to register, click here.


MS CPD Education – Managing Cognition and Behaviour Change – 2 part Webinar

This session will explore common multiple sclerosis related cognitive changes and their management in the context of both the larger symptom picture and everyday cognitive management strategies.

When: Wednesday 16 and 23 November, 10.00 – 11.30am
More info: Register for part 1 here, and part 2 here.



Place, Politics, Privilege Conference – Call for papers

Are you a researcher interested in exploring the themes of privilege, displacement, space/boarders, and community? Swinburne’s Identity Research Network (IRN) is excited to announce a call for papers for the upcoming Place Politics and Privilege Conference 2017.

Abstracts should be 250 words, in MS Word format as an email attachment. Send your submission to CIDRN@vu.edu.au with subject line ‘PPPconference.abstract’ by 31 August 2016.

More info: Visit the website here.




Turning Learning Back to Front

Public Pedagogies Institute brings an exciting inter-disciplinary conference exploring the concept of learning and teaching outside of formal institutions. The keynote speakers are:

  • Professor Kate Hodgkin, a Director of the Raphael Samuel History Centre in East London.
  • Tony Birch, recent recipient 2016 Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for Indigenous Writing for his novel Ghost River.

When: 28 – 30th November, 2016
Where: VU at Metro West and Victoria University Nicholson Street Campus
More info: Visit the website here.



Melbourne Metro

SmartSafe: digital safety, family violence and risk assessment

Based on Victorian research, this training explores how technology is being used to perpetrate family violence and the ways adult survivors and advocates can respond to increase safety and perpetrator accountability.

When: Wednesday 16th November, 2016 – 9.30am – 4.30m
Where: Melbourne CBD
More info: For further details and to register, click here.


Health Literacy Masterclass

Deakin University are running a 2-day Health Literacy Masterclass.

When: on Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th November
Where: Burwood Corporate Centre, Deakin University, Burwood
How much: $950 +GST (a small number of scholarships are available to assist with the cost)
More info: Download the flyer here, go to the event page online or contact Carol Wildey on (03) 9246 8971 or at hltrain@deakin.edu.au.


The INs and OUTs of co-design: an introduction to co-design theory and practice

In the social policy setting, co-design involves working with people who experience vulnerabilities to jointly create interventions, services and programs which will work in the context of their lives, and will reflect their own values and goals. This VCOSS forum will cover:

  • The transformative power of co-design and co-production with service users
  • What is co-design and what does it take to do it well?
  • Putting co-design into practice

When: Tuesday 6 December, 9am – 1:30pm
Where: Queen Victoria Women’s Centre Trust, 210 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
More info: Further details and to register click here.


From Surviving to Thriving: Inclusive work and economic security for refugees and people seeking asylum

This Research Forum will bring together migration scholars, sociologists, applied researchers and community sector practitioners to explore issues and strategies that foster employment and economic security for humanitarian migrants.

Date: 07 December 2016, 9:30am to 4:30pm
Location: Room #356, Arts West North Wing, University of Melbourne
More info: Visit the website here.


Western Region

‘MCH Matters’ Forum

Join us and meet together for network opportunities to discuss local connections and services. Through case scenario discussion determine ways we can successfully work together to support vulnerable families with young children from birth to school age.

When: Wednesday 23rd November, 2016 – 9.00am – 1.00pm
Where: Hobsons Bay Civic Centre, 115 Civic Parade, Altona (Parking available)
More info: Download the flyer here, or email mchinbox@hobsonsbay.vic.gov.au.


Health Promotion – November Community of Practice

Come and meet other health promotion professionals at our Community of Practice – which will focus on parrtnerships – from the strategic to the community level. Our speakers include representatives from the Australian Health Promotion Association, Sons of the West, Salvation Army and Women’s Health West.

When: Thursday December 1st 2.00 – 4.00pm
Where: Maribyrnong Library, 120 Rosamond Road, Maribyrnong
More info: Download the flyer here, or contact helen.scudamore@healthwest.org.au. RSVP by 21st November, 2016



Helping your kids settle into Primary School

Where: Stevensville Primary School, 52 Kings Road, St Albans
When: 2 part series – Friday 18th November and Friday 25th November, 10 – 11.30am
More info: Download the flyer here or call Diana on 9663 6733.

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