Prevention & Health Promotion


Prevention work at HealthWest focuses on creating health rather than treating illness. Partnering with agencies including local government, community health centres and women’s health agencies, we work to create health by working with community members where they live, work and play. To support our goal of improving the health and wellbeing of communities in Melbourne’s west, we aim to:

  • support communities to understand and take control over their health
  • work together with our partners to create a strong system of preventative health
  • increase opportunities for community members to be involved in planning and implementing our work
  • undertaking planned and targeted action to reduce inequity in Melbourne’s west.

Current Prevention Priorities

Western Region Primary Prevention Taskforce

HealthWest Partnership brings together partners across Melbourne’s west under the Prevention Taskforce. Made up of local governments, community health, women’s health and others, the role of the Taskforce is in:

  • Optimising primary prevention resources in the west
  • Developing shared evaluation practices
  • Coordinating joint activity
  • Providing leadership and expertise on primary prevention in the west.

Social inclusion

In 2017, our prevention partners identified social inclusion (a determinant of mental health) as a shared priority area.

Scoping has identified the following opportunities for joint work:

  • Advocacy: about our work, as well as how we advocate with and for our communities
  • Systems change and partnership work: how we affect the determinants of social inclusion by understanding what we can and what we need to change
  • Sharing resources: share and identify meaningful resources
  • Identify gaps: including how we identify and engage hard to reach communities
  • Monitoring and evaluation: identifying measures, indicators and tools to support this process.

Previous Prevention Projects


Anna Vu, Prevention Manager
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