Past Health Literacy Projects

Health literacy was identified as a key priority in HealthWest’s Strategic Plan 2013-17. HealthWest successfully worked at a systems level to increase participation of individuals and communities in decision making at an individual, program and organisational level, with a focus on health literacy and community participation.


Health Literacy Development Project 2013-2017

HealthWest partnered with cohealth and the Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health (CEH) from 2013 to 2017, to enhance health literacy responsiveness across the health and community services system in Melbourne’s west.


Case study: Building health literacy responsiveness in Melbourne’s west

A case study of activities and outcomes from the Health Literacy Development Project was published in the Australian Health Review:

ML Allott, T Sofra, G O’Donnell, JL Hearne & L Naccarella. Building health literacy responsiveness in Melbourne’s west: a systems approach. Australian Health Review. Published online 24 October 2017. doi: 10.1071/AH17059

  • Read a free, pre-publication version of the case study here.


Evaluating the Ripple Effect

A series of three evaluation reports have been released examining different aspects of the project and are a must read for people who want to understand the drivers, enablers and barriers to creating health literacy change within organisations:


Health Literacy Development Course

HealthWest partnered with the Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health (CEH) and cohealth to develop and deliver the Health Literacy Development Course to help health and community services implement health literacy within their organisations.

  • For more information about the course, visit the CEH website.


Better Health in Braybrook

In late 2015 representatives from HealthWest, cohealth, Maribyrnong City Council and the Braybrook community formed a partnership to deliver the Better Health in Braybrook Project. This project aimed to explore ‘what are the ingredients of a user-friendly and accessible Braybrook Community Hub?’ through a range of assessment, mapping, educational and strategic actions. This report explores the project outcomes and offers ideas on how to explore issue of health literacy and community participation within communities and organisations.



Read about our current health literacy projects here.