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May 2, 2017

Thank you to Edmund Rice Services for writing this blog about their new community development project.


Edmund Rice Services is a community-based organisation which aims to support people living, working or visiting Mt Atkinson, a new housing development in Rockbank in Melbourne’s West. Once completed, Mt Aktinson will house 20,000 residents and provide approximately 37,000 jobs.

Many aspects of housing estate design impacts on residents’ wellbeing; physical appearance, access to open space and community facilities, level of infrastructure,  availability of safe pedestrian and bike pathways. These design features can enhance a sense of belonging, safety and community inclusion. Edmund Rice have partnered with the developers of Mt Atkinson to deliver a community development approach to champion these important areas.

This good design approach can be seen at Selandra Rise in Melbourne’s South East, on the VicHealth website .


Supporting Mt Atkinson residents

Edmund Rice Services aims to engage a diverse range of future residents and community services to design the community development programs they plan to deliver. In addition they will also be a resource to encourage and support the local community to respond to what they see as priorities.


Supporting the wider community

Prior to residents arriving at Mt Atkinson, Edmund Rice Services will engage with the wider community, helping develop an expectation that Mt Atkinson is committed and focused on developing an inclusive and connected community.

This engagement may include mountain bike riding on the vacant land, a community garden, an online community hub and school holiday programs. In addition, the Mt Atkinson Community Centre anticipates playing a role to support children, young people and families that attend local schools.


Edmund Rice is the sister organisation to Edmund Rice Camps and Edmund Rice Community and Refugee Services.


More info: Please contact: Mark Monahan, Director – Mt Atkinson Community Centre. Ph: 0447 379 023


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