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February 1, 2017

Thank you to Stanlake Cancer Centre for writing this guest post on their services.

Leanne Hoy and Dr Cuong Do at the General Practice Conference and Exhibition









Stanlake Cancer Centre

Stanlake Cancer Centre is a not for profit organisation which organises a rapid and coordinated approach to specialised cancer care in Melbourne’s west. By covering the gap that sometimes exists between the coordination of health services, we hope to ease the burden on General Practitioners (GPs), improve the patient experience and achieve improved medical outcomes.

Cancer is the leading cause of death in Victoria, affecting one in three Victorians, with around 500 Victorians diagnosed with cancer every week. Cancer affects us all; every one of us had either experienced a diagnosis of cancer first hand, or knows someone who has.


Early Support

Research has already shown that early detection and intervention is vital in improving the management of disease and health outcomes, however, more recently, it has become evident that a streamlined and supported process of health care delivery can greatly improve how things are experienced by patients and their families1. Previously, navigating the health pathway for people in the initial phase was difficult, and General Practitioners did not often have a port of call for referrals before a diagnosis was made.

As a local community organisation, the Stanlake Cancer Centre can play a vital role in ensuring that our greater community has rapid access to services they require.



  • Bulk billing for consultations at the centre with our specialist.
  • Appointment within 1 week of receiving GP referral.
  • One centralised point of care and contact for GPs and patients.
  • Access to oncology trained staff for information and support, eg nurses and psychologists).
  • Health education workshops for GPs and the general public.


For more information visit the Stanlake Cancer Centre website here, or contact: Leanne Hoy (Centre Administrator) –, Sofi Milenkovski (Nurse & Marketing Coordinator) – – or call 93047350.


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